Partners & Affiliates

The following are companies & digital products that we use and recommend.  Large amounts of research goes into vetting appropriate partners. 

I am ashamed to admit how long I spent researchers domain registrars and hosting companies.  Deep dives into other companies dredged up a lot of shady price schemes, very poor customer service, tech nightmares, etc.  Eventually I found A2 Hosting and I’ve been very happy with them.  Top scores for customer service, clear pricing, excellent BBB record and fair & beginner friendly hosting options.  They may seem more expensive initially, but my analysis showed me they were very competitively priced. Great company!  Highly recommended!

One extremely popular low priced option is Blue Host.  There $3.95 a month hosting option is very hard to beat but you will need to commit to 2 or 3 years to reduce your prices.  Hosting companies typically offer discounts for multi-year packages. Blue Host also offers deeply discounted introductory offers.  Additionally, their Basic shared hosting (from $7.99 per month with 1 year contract) includes a free domain name for 1 year and a free SSL Certificate which is a nice added bonus.  Check them out and compare with A2 Hosting’s offerings.

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancer services for your small business.  Services range from graphic design to video, voice overs, data entry, proofreading & so much more. Whatever you need to get done, Fiverr has a person for you. Browse freelancers by industry, services, price range, experience and ratings to find the perfect fit for your business.

SEMRush is an incredible SEO tool that gives you a behind the scenes analysis of your site content, marketing efforts, and site optimizations. Audit your site’s SEO, track your competitors, create projects and integrate Google products for comprehensive dashboards.  PACKED with amazing features, SEMRush has been a game changer for me and the thousands of other businesses and marketers that use it daily.

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Freshbooks is a fantastic accounting tool that allows you to set up clients, create and send estimates & proposals, track hourly or flat rate projects, create and send professional branded invoices, and receive payments online.  It also keeps tab of your incomes and expenses.  A must have for a small business or consultant. Their mobile app is also great for businesses on the go.  Check out all their features and try it out free

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Skillshare is a great resource to upgrade your skill set in a wide variety of programs beneficial to small business owners, freelancers and side hustlers.  Polish up those rusty skills or learn something totally new with exclusive videos from some of the best teachers in the business.  These aren’t your average YouTube vids either, this is more like a NetFlix without the chill.  Exclusive content from industry leading professionals for a low monthly fee, just like NetFlix.

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